May 31, 2020


Design Support

Industry-Informed Ideas

Alternatives Analysis


Design/Design Management

Design-Collaboration Platforms

LAPELS Engineering Firm License No. EF6373

Cost & Scheduling

Independent Cost Estimating (ICE)

Independent Gov’t Estimates (IGE)

Production-based CPM Scheduling (P6)

Continuous Risk-Management, from inception to O&M.


Project Management/ Construction Management (PMCM).  

From inception to close-out, RiverCoast can help you generate new ideas, coordinate proven alternatives, and administer the contract, using conventional and non-traditional project delivery solutions for your project or program.

Alternative Delivery Support

Options Assessment

Constructibility Review

Design-Build “Lessons-Learned”

CMAR Support & Owner Representation

UAS Data Collection & 4K Imagery Overnight 3D Mapping

Construction Services

Contract Administration (CA) & Residetn inspection (RI)

Construction Engineering & Inspection (CE&I) 

Contract Time Analysis

Routine or Specialized CPM Support 

Compliant Baselines & Updates

Real-Time Claims Avoidance

Dispute Resolution

PDM and FMA Grants Management

Collaborative Platforms

Multi-tenant Collaboration Platforms.

A new way of delivering the projects and services that you provide – right on your browser – for continuous collaboration and secure data collection.  Today’s systems are quick to deploy and easily tailored – yielding far less “double-entry” and much better data quality.


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