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About US

To produce resilience in our environment, today’s infrastructure must reduce risk for a predictable cost.  Public and private clients demand experienced individuals focused on performance and outcomes - and definite delivery.  Driven by unique experiences, our vision is to become your delivery partner by providing "on-demand" services and bridging the gap between your design and construction needs.  

Mutual success is driven by listening, sharing, and taking action.  RiverCoast partners believe that people are the key to your success - people with the passion, experience, and tools to complement yours.   Our communities  expect the same of their leaders, and with our extensive inventory of lessons-learned and our triple-bottom-line attitude, RiverCoast can help you achieve your goals sooner than most.  With our project-focus and collaboration platforms, we can increase  staff engagement and reduce their timelines.

Why us?

Results.  We get it done.  Whether you’re seeking design or construction support,  a special skill-set or a collaboration platform, RiverCoast can provide more than you might expect. 

On-Demand Consultants, Managers and Technologists

Committed to Excellence.
Brian O’Reilly, P.E.
Brian O’Reilly, P.E.
Brian brings nearly 30 years of managing and consulting experience to his construction and design customers.  His project experience spans the heavy/civil/marine markets from Louisiana to Texas to New York.  As a licensed contractor and Professional Engineer, his support to his public and private customers is well known -building teams, generating ideas, and providing actionable information to reduce risk in design and construction. His experience includes completed construction projects for LADOTD and the City of New Orleans, including work on the largest Design-Build, Civil-Works Project in USACE history.   
Patrick Hammett
Patrick Hammett
Patrick brings over 25 years of construction management, strategic planning, and dispute resolution experience to public and private customers.  His cost-estimating and scheduling expertise supports Federal, State, and commercial clients in their change-management processes.  With a background in a family construction business, his customers benefit from his financial acumen and seasoned perspective.  Most recently for the USACE, Patrick brings hands-on experience with claim assessment,  prevention, and negotiation. 

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